Why Construction is Right for You

There are many benefits to working in the construction industry. Pay levels and opportunities for advancement are higher than many other careers offer.

Construction careers are rewarding in many ways. The pay is good – better than most other careers offer. They offer life long careers. They offer opportunities to build last legacies while overcoming challenges as part of a team. And construction careers offer a clear path to new skills and new leadership opportunities. And with a host of new construction technologies coming online, you are more likely to wield an iPad as you are a hammer.

Construction is New Skills

As the industry continues to evolve, construction professionals are constantly being taught new skills and new techniques. The longer people stay in their construction careers, the more skills they develop.

Construction is Good Pay

Construction careers typically pay 10 percent more than the average job in the United States. It is not uncommon for starting salaries to top $60,000 a year.

Construction is Teamwork

Projects are built by teams of construction professionals who constantly coordinate, collaborate and look out for each other. You never work alone in the construction industry, but instead partner with colleagues as part of an essential team of dedicated professionals.



Average Hourly: $32.46 Carpenter


Average Hourly $38.76 Mobile Crane Operator


Average Hourly $35.30 Pipefitter


Average Hourly: $33.08 HVAC Technician


Average Hourly $43.08 Foreman

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