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Job Description:

Laborers are typically the initial trade workers to arrive at a project site and the last to depart. Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks including heavy highway work such as asphalt placement, traffic control, building construction (site preparation, concrete pouring, material stocking, cleanup), scaffold assembly, demolition, environmental remediation, installation of underground utilities, and tunnel and shaft construction. They utilize various tools such as shovels, picks, rakes, brooms, wheelbarrows, as well as gas or diesel-powered compacting equipment and buggies. Working conditions may vary depending on the weather and the specific nature of the job, sometimes involving elevated heights, trenches, or underground environments.


Average Salary

$13.83 - $31.59 Average Hourly Rate

$28,784- $65,707 Yearly Rate

Interest & Skills

Safety Training • Motivation • Communication • Attention to detail • Read a tape measure • Installation • Working with hands

Career Paths

Apprentice • Journeyperson • Heavy Highway• Environmental Laborer • Mining Laborer • Underground Utility Laborer • Building Laborer • Foreman • Superintendent • Owner

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