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Job Description:

An ironworker is a skilled construction worker who specializes in working with iron and steel. They play a crucial role in building strong structures like buildings, bridges, and other large projects. Ironworkers use various tools and equipment to cut, shape, and join metal pieces together. They follow detailed plans and work closely with other professionals to ensure that the structures they create are safe and durable. Ironworkers are essential for constructing the frameworks and supports that hold everything together in big construction projects.

Average Salary

$25.68 - $38.70 Average Hourly Rate

$53,429- $80,500 Yearly Rate

Interest & Skills

Critical Thinking • Mathematics • Communication • Attention to detail • Read a tape measure • problem-solving • Working with hands • Adaptability

Career Paths

Pre-apprentice • Apprentice • Journeyperson • Foreman • Superintendent • Owner

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