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There are many paths into rewarding construction careers. Click through our resources to learn more about what job opportunities might be right for you.
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One of the distinguishing characteristics of the construction industry is the opportunities to thrive are virtually limitless. This is an industry that rewards reliability and hard work. It is not uncommon to find construction executives who started their careers wielding a shovel on the job site.

Whether you are right out of high school, returning from military service, finishing college or looking to shift careers, there is a path to success in the construction industry. If you like technology, relish working as part of a team, are eager to learn new skills and enjoy earning a good living, the construction industry is for you. Everything we build is essential to our economy, national security and quality of life. And as an essential part of the economy, your careers will be stable.

We designed this guide to help you learn more about our industry. Read it, visit and learn more about why construction is essential. I encourage you to Become Essential by starting your career in construction.

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I am so thankful I was able to start my career without having to go into student loan debt.

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