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There are three main job classifications for electrical workers who fulfill various job functions.

Inside wire electricians perform electrical work on industrial, commercial, and private structures and installations. Work consists of intalling conduit, wire, distribution and service panels, lighting fixtures, motors and controls. The work may be inside or outside and involves reading plans, codes, and specifications.

Outside line workers are responsible for the distribution and transmission of high-voltage power from the generation system to substations or occupancies. This can be done on poles high in the air or underground. Their work requires good physical stamina and the ability to work as part of a team.

Telecommunication workers work with and install communications equipment in the fields of line construction (outside plant), splicing (construction and maintenance), installation and repair (residential and commercial), central office, and customer-premise equipment. The work is often done in confined spaces and is highly technical. It may also involve working outside or handling heavy conductors or equipment.

Depending on the electrical field you choose to specialize in, workers and apprentices often must learn to climb poles and work at heights.



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